Build remote connectivity into your products and remote network configuration dependencies

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are responsible for the majority of smart and connected devices in use today. From smart homes to industrial devices used in energy, manufacturing, or healthcare, devices are connected. Data from connected devices needs to move from device to device, device to cloud, and cloud to cloud.

Remote.It allows OEMs to focus on their application and unique value add without reinventing a remote access solution. By embedding Remote.It into their products and services, OEMs enable remote desktop (RDP), virtual network computing (VNC), secure shell (SSH), and any protocol access into products and remove the need to make any network configuration changes before accessing the device.

OEMs can support their devices in the field without asking customers to configure network access.

Remote.It enables OEMs to reduce costs, lower field calls, increase availability, and provide remote support, provisioning, and configuration to their customers.

Network Agnostic

Connectivity regardless of network topology or network changes. No network design is required other than internet access. Establish end-to-end communication even when devices are behind multiple NATs or CGNAT environments found in 5G and satellite networks. Allow devices to move locations or networks and automatically reconnect. Traffic is P2P without VPN aggregators or MPLS networks.

Better Security

Removes over-privileged access found with IP/subnet-based VPN solutions. Manage least privileged access control at the user, device, and service level. No open ports or a global IP address required.  Secure from lateral movement used by malware, ransomware, and other bot scans since the device is cloaked and not scannable.


Bulk scripting allows you to transfer files, troubleshoot, and send software updates to one or all your devices. Push automated updates and manage thousands of remote devices. Provision devices before shipment to simplify deployment and maximize customer convenience.

OEM & Enterprise Plan

Description on Enterprise & OEM plan

Custom and non-standard Linux and device packages

Standard plans include applications and device packages for common operating systems and devices such as Linux, Windows, Mac, RaspberryPi, AWS, iOS, Android, OpenWRT, Jetson, LoRaWAN, Dragino, and more. OEM plan provides custom builds.

Dedicated Proxy Server

Single tenant proxy server to simplify firewall rules at target network for locations with very strict rules such as blocking all UDP outbound traffic.
Remote.It customer deploys remote sensors to monitor farming conditions
Remote.It customer using raspberry pi to monitor production equipment in remote factories

Benefits of using Remote.It

Connecting devices that were previously inaccessisble
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You'll be able to :
Retrieve data and monitor performance to improve efficiency and reduce downtime
Reduce truck rolls by providing remote support
Remote Desktop, VNC, and SSH access to remote devices
Built-in connectivity removes the reliance on network configurations, updates, and maintenance.
Centralize access control across a variety of devices. Manage devices and users from a single application.
Utlize extensive APIs to integrate or embed Remote.It access control and management into your existing application.

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